HD Streamz APK

Hd Streamz Apk is an excellent streaming app that is designed for mobile devices and supports all TV channels, including sports, news, entertainment, and movies. HD Streamz APK supports 1500 TV channels from different countries like, the UK, USA, India, Pakistan, France, and other large countries. You can download all your demanded videos of TV on your smartphone and watch them without an internet connection. Television or TV is the most useful device in our society and every country. But this device is not moveable and to watch videos, news, or movies we need to set it in a specific place near the TV.


App NameHD Streamz APK
File size19 MB
Total Download12M+
Last update1 Hour Ago

But now everyone is busy and wants to watch videos anywhere or anyplace. HD Stream APK is the best and most unique app that is designed for you to fulfill your needs. You can download all types of video content and watch them easily. The most amazing feature of this app is that it supports multiple languages, you can watch videos in different languages and HD quality. This app also provides video data from 20+ countries. So download it easily from our website and enjoy its features. 

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What is HD Streamz APK?

In this digital era, people are aware of online things and want to watch TV streaming channels online. But they waste their time finding the best and most reliable website to download videos online. But don’t worry in this article we completely guide you through the downloading process of HD Streamz APK download and its features. It does not only provide us with TV channels. It provides us with Radio channels and all songs from different countries.

This app provides us with 1000 countries’ videos online without any issue issues. This app is very helpful for people to download videos of various countries. This HD Sreamz APK app has a bundle of high-quality videos and all TV streaming video content which provides us with news, movies, games, entertainment, sports, and other live TV channels. You can also watch videos of big countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, the United States of America, India, Pakistan, Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, and several other countries.

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Why We are the Best Service Provider

Request your favorite channel

If you want to watch your favorite or trending videos online on HD streams download them. You can easily find your best videos online and can download them. To download the video simply click on the search bar option and write here the name of the movie. In a few seconds, you see all the results of your video. 

If you face any issues downloading your movie then you can send the request to the HD Streamz APK team who developed it. The HD Stremz APK team sees your query and can solve your problem in as soon as possible.

A high-quality video playback system

All video content depends upon the video quality and the best resolution.  An awesome feature of  Hd streamz PK is that it provides us with videos in HD Quality and supports 4k videos. This is because this HD Stream app covers worldwide content and it has made good video content.

Radio live-streaming

It is the one amazing hd streamz app that provides us with radio stations. In this digital era, some people like Radio streaming and live radio stations. They can hear all new audio songs and podcasts in this HD stremz app.

You can report broken links

At the start of this article, I informed you that the HD Streamz download app supports all movies, shows, and other entertainment links. If you face any issues or the channel is not working then you can click on the other video link and enjoy the Best videos. 

But if this video is not working then you can connect with the  Hd Streamz team. You can send your query and tell them that this link is not working. To send your query or report about the broken link you need to click on the “ Report channel” option and write your query. Then click on the submit option.

Smart search option

The smart search channel option is also available in the Hd streamz PK app for every TV channel. If you don’t find your movie, you can search it in Hdstreamz PK. You can search it by three methods:

Quality: High, medium & low

Genre:  Choose your favourite video content like, sports, movies, Cartoons, or Games

Country: You can watch videos from different countries like Asia, the United States, and Europe.

HD Streamz APK Exciting Features

Support Multiple Channels

Millions of people are fans and lovers of cricket, news, and Movies. They also love other types of Sports, like cricket, Hockey, football, car racing, WWE, and others. But people use local cables and cable operators provide them with 5 to 10 support channels in a single package kit. You can use the Hd streamz PK app and watch 100+ Cricket channels, 1000 other channels, or other geographical channels. 

HD Quality

Hd streamz APK has many advanced features and its impressive is that you can watch your favorite videos, dramas episodes, and movies in high quality (HD Quality). You can download videos from various platforms, and enjoy all videos, songs, and audio without an internet connection. Hd streamz Mod Apk also supports video formats like MP4 and MP3. It also provides the opportunity to download multiple videos in a single downloading click.

Free of Cost

This HD Streamz APK is a free-of-cost app app. This app is safe and secure and also has a UI simple interface. This app saves you money because you can watch all videos on your mobile and no need to go to Cinema or theaters. You can create a cinema-like environment at home, use this app freely, and enjoy it.

Free Ads

One of the most important features of Hd streamz APK is that it has no ads. Hd streamz APK gives us an excellent user experience and you can watch unlimited video content without any issues on TV. When you watch video content during this time no ads show and you can watch videos or movies without any disturbance.

Large screen

The large screen is the big issue in watching movies on a big screen. It provides us with much better video content on Android devices rather than on TV. You can see your movies on a big screen and it improves the better user experience.

External Players Support

HD Streamz APK also supports external devices that we connect with our TV such as VLC player, MX player, and X player. We can watch all TV shows like Movies, Cartoons, Dramas, and other TV shows.

Regular Updates

In this digital world every day many movies, TV shows, Cricket matches, and every type of entertainment content are released on social media platforms. This app provides us with all types of new data new channels, news, and every new update about social media. The main and fantastic feature of this app is that it supports and updates new content every day according to your desire. This application never disappoints its users with fresh content.

USCG PLUG Fixed and Closed

This Hd streamz APK is the best and perfect app and sometimes if you face any issue or want to solve it then an important feature of the Facebook interface is also present in this app and you can contact the team of Hdstramz APK. They reply to your query and solve your issue as soon as possible. 

20+ Channels supported

People watch TV for entertainment and they feel very bored without watching TV shows, movies songs when they are out of home. But now you can download your favorite movies, dramas, songs, etc. Hdstreamz Apk allows 20+ TV Channels from various countries and you can easily watch popular TV shows from different channels like Channel V, Colors TV, SAB TV, Sahara One, Sony TV, Star Plus, Star World, Zee TV, etc. You can also download Starsports, ICC cricket, Music, Fashion, News, Entertainment, Sports, and many other popular TV channels.

Key Features

There are some main features of Hd streamz APK which are given below:

  1.  It’s popular with millions of users.
  2. Over 1000 channels are available
  3. You can watch Watch the T20 World Cup free of cost
  4. You can also watch Live streaming of India vs. South Africa
  5. Listen to live radio broadcasts
  6. This app covers 20+ countries’ content
  7. Features Material Design and user interface
  8. It can convert your video from MP3 to MP4. 
  9. You can watch both local and international videos and music without paying any fee.
  10. HD Streamz downloads App for Cricket live TV.
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HD Streamz For Many Countries

We know that this app supports 20+ specific countries and provides them with all vedio or movie-type data in a single app. So there is some news about these countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iranian
  • India
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Portugal
  • Qatar
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Sri Lanka
  • South Africa
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Download the HD Streamz App

Now you can easily download this app from our website or third-party content because this app provides us with all newly updated content on TV. It is necessary to click the download button to download this app.

On Google Play, this app is not available. Because this is a moded app people are more interested in using APKs (Android Package Kits) or modified applications. But Google did not agree and these versions are against Google’s policies. Therefore, Google banned these moded versions. But third-party developers understand the people’s needs and they fulfill their requirements. Third-party developers developed many apps in the market for Android devices. And now they set these apps for IOS, iPhone, or PC. 

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Requirements and additional information

  • Hd streamz APK minimum required 5.0 Devices for the Android operating system.
  • When you install this app using APK files, you need to enable “Unknown sources” go to Settings, and then 
  • We also know that the Hd streamz download app is a modified app and is not available on the Google Play Store. You can download it from the official or any trustworthy website.
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Pros and Cons of Hd Streamz APK


  • Watch TV for free.
  • Lots of channels to choose from
  • Easy to find and use.
  • The picture looks really good
  • It gets better with updates
  • No need to pay to watch
  • Works on different devices
  • Easy to set up
  • You can trust it to work
  • Watch live sports
  • Channels from around the world
  • Watch anywhere, anytime
  • Pick your favorite channels
  • Use it with Chromecast on your TV
  • Rarely stops while watching


  • Lack of customer support
  • Limited channel availability
  •  Not available on Play Store


Q:Is it possible to watch videos offline with this application?

No, now this time this feature is not added to this app. Therefore, you can not save videos and not watch them offline. You can watch these videos online.

Q:Is HD Streamz safe to use?

Yes, this app is safe to use. You can easily use it due to its user-friendly interface. You need to download it from any reliable source and need to avoid malware or Virous sources. 

Q:Do I need a VPN to use HD Streamz?

It is not essential to use a VPN. But you can use it VPN (Virtual Private Network) which saves your privacy and content. You can use it when you download videos from different regions.

Q:Can I watch sports events on HD Streamz?

Yes, you can watch sports events, cricket shows, sports channels, and other events on HD Streamz. This app supports 100 sports channels and live sports. 


HD Streamz APK is an awesome app that gives you all your demanding videos. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. You can turn it into a mini TV by subscribing to your favorite or all channels worldwide. So, why wait? Get the latest version of HD Streamz on your devices and enjoy live streaming wherever you are. Enjoy watching live TV online with no problems and lots of channels.